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"We live in an adventure"

In the heart of Lapland you'll find a quiet and safe place. You'll have the freedom to discover and explore magnificent nature among sparkling lakes, snow-covered mountain tops, and deep forests. Yes, this place is a bit like Narnia if we may say so ourselves.


Those who move to Arvidsjaur municipality fall in love with its stunning nature, its warm people and the quality of life available here. In the video you can get a glimpse of what your life could look like in Arvidsjaur.

familj i arvidsjaur barn.jpg

"It's the best place for our kids to grow up!"

Live Here

Can you imagine having time for a full-time job, run errands, transport the children to both school and leisure activities, as well as quality time with the family - all in one day?

Talk about luxury! Here, life is easier to live, you'll have more time to spend on the important things in life and everything is just around the corner.

arvidsjaur sommar barnfamilj flytta hit.jpeg

THE family

For the parents who would do anything to give their children security and happiness. For the parents who are filled with love hearing their children's laughter and their eyes sparkling with curiosity as they discover the world. For the families who want to spend more time together and create memories for life.

Friluftsliv två personer i snötäckt vinterlandskap Akkanålke Arvidsjaur

THE soul searcher

For those who constantly look for that little 'extra' in life. For those who love the feeling of being surrounded by magnificent, breathtaking views. For those who never hesitate to throw on a pair of skis to travel through snow-covered landscapes on a normal Tuesday. You will fit in like the fish in water here.

Come Home

In Arvidsjaur municipality you'll have a garden to brag about - with nature as your closest neighbor.


No matter where in the municipality you live, you are close to nature and necessities. Find your dream home or build a brand new one - the choice is yours!

Hus landsbygd Arvidsjaur

"You really live here"

Kvinna jobbar med dator vid eldstad med utsikt över vinterlandskap i Arvidsjaur

Work Here

How do you feel heading to the office in the morning? Do you feel a knot in your stomach thinking of the rush hour traffic or the crowded commuter train? What if you could stress less and live more?

Life is too short to not enjoy every second of it! Take the leap and find quality of life in magical Lapland and one of Sweden's fast growing municipalities.

Janina ägare av Mimmis Boutique i Arvidsjaur

Start a business

Are you self-employed or considering starting your own business? In Arvidsjaur municipality, there are endless opportunities for driven entrepreneurs like you.


The 60 new companies launched during the pandemic reflect the positive business climate characterizing the municipality. In Arvidsjaur there is also a rare enthusiasm to support local businesses among the inhabitants!

"Arvidsjaur has an energy that other places don't have!"

Image by Maud Bocquillod

"The puzzle of life easily lays itself here."

About Arvidsjaur

Northern lights, snow-capped mountains, glistening treetops and calm, mirroring lakes. This place in Lapland and Norrbotten has a rich history that stretches from a forest Sami center in the 17th century, to an expanding communication hub with car testing, worldwide influence and high commercial services today.

It's happening here!

This is why we live here:

"Everything is here!"
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