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Barn leker i snö vinter i Arvidsjaur

Create Memories For Life

Barn kör skoter i Arvidsjaur

What life can be like for you and your family

Can you imagine having time for a full-time job, running errands, transporting the children to both school and leisure activities and having quality time with the whole family - in one and the same day?

Talk about everyday luxury! Here, life is easy to get together, time is enough for much more and you are close to everything - no matter where in the municipality you live.

Preschool & school

Arvidsjaur became the 4th best school municipality in 2020 according to the Swedish Teachers' Association's annual survey and the municipality is still among the top 10 in the whole country. We are proud that we can still offer preschool and schooling up to upper secondary school level. We also have learning centers where university studies and exams can be written for distance students.


Young entrepreneurs

In Arvidsjaur, we encourage young people in entrepreneurship and this can be seen in our young people's high commitment within both UF (Young Entrepreneurship) and Ung Drive. 


Support & care

In Arvidsjaur municipality, priority is given to preventive work, especially with children and young people.  Individuals and families who are unable to manage their finances can apply for maintenance support.


We work to break long-term dependence on income support and replace it with employment.  We also offer advice and support in various forms as well as treatment initiatives. 

Take your pick!

As a family with children in Arvidsjaur municipality, you will never run out of activities and adventures. Every day can look different with everything from slalom, skating and fishing, to music lessons and sports with one of our many associations.


For THE Adventurer

For those who are always looking for that little extra in life. For those who love the feeling of being surrounded by magnificent, breathtaking views. For those who do not hesitate to throw on a pair of skis and go through snow-covered forest on a normal Tuesday. You would fit in like the fish in the water in Arvidsjaur.

Två personer står i vinterlandskap med snötäckta träd i Arvidsjaur Akkanålke
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