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Hus på landsbygd i Arvidsjaur

Welcome home!

What does your dream home look like? Do you want to live in the middle of nature with a large garden and forest as your nearest neighbor? Or do you prefer to have a helping hand next door?

In Arvidsjaur municipality, the possibilities are many. With everything from rental apartments to villas and residential plots, there is a range for everyone.

Rent a home

Looking to rent a home? Here are a few of the companies offering homes to rent:

Arvidsjaurhem AB

Lubor AB

BoBra Fastigheter AB

GME rental housing

Kök med kamin och vedtrave
Hus med gräsmatte på sommaren

Buy a home

Do you want to buy a home in one of Sweden's fastest growing municipalities? Here you'll get more for your money! Find homes for sale.


Build your own HomE

Do you have a vision of your dream house and dream location? Here is land and plots to buy to build your house just the way you want it!

Framsida av hus i Arvidsjaur på sommaren
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