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Två personer står i snötäckt vinterlandskap i Arvidsjaur Akkanålke

Every day is an adventure

Imagine a cup of coffee in the morning sun after a ski trip or hiking up the mountain. Here you'll have room to explore both your inner and outer world, whether you travel with your hiking boots, skiis, snowmobile, car, boat, or bicycle. 

Man fiskar i Arvidsjaur fiske arvidsjaursjön

Summer adventures

After the dark winter comes a brighter spring and summer that gives new energy. The midnight sun makes one forget what time of day it is and makes it possible to be out longer on the evening twig. Fishing in the rich fishing water, riding a boat, picking berries, grilling sausages, camping or hiking in the beautiful nature are just some of the activities you can indulge in.


Winter adventures

During the winter, Arvidsjaur is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world who want to experience the Nordic winter with cold, northern lights and all that it entails. This means that the energy is at its peak and there is life and movement in society. However, you can easily find a quiet place if you want to.


Take your pick!

Arvidsjaur offers a varied outdoor life with everything from rich fishing waters, to skiing, to snowmobiling, to hiking trails. A new adventure awaits for you every day!

arvidsjaur sommar barnfamilj flytta hit.jpeg

For THE family

For the parents who would do anything to give their children happiness and safety. For parents who are burning with love when they hear their children's laughter and when their eyes sparkle with curiosity as they discover the world. For families who want to spend more time together before it's too late.

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