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Life is an Adventure

That's why we live here

"Everything is here!"
familj i arvidsjaur barn.jpg

For THE family

For parents who would do anything to give their children security and happiness. For parents who are burning with love when they hear their children's laughter and when their eyes sparkle with curiosity as they discover the world. For families who want to spend more time together before it's too late.

For THE soul

For those who are always looking for that little extra in life. For those who love the feeling of being surrounded by magnificent, breathtaking views. For those who do not hesitate to throw on a pair of skis and go through snow-covered forest on a normal Tuesday. You would fit in like the fish in the water in Arvidsjaur.

Två personer står i vinterlandskap med snötäckta träd i Arvidsjaur Akkanålke

Take your pick!

Arvidsjaur offers a varied life with everything from fishing, to snowmobiling and skiing, to golf, football and swimming. A new adventure awaits here every day!

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