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Kvinna ute på skidor och kollar upp på norrsken i Arvidsjaur

We believe in your dreams

Do you dream of starting your own business or are you already established in a place where you do not thrive? At Arvidsjaur, we work proactively to create a positive business climate for all entrepreneurs - both new and more established. It is important to us that you who want to start a company can easily get help and that growing and established companies can get support when needed. 

Here we understand that the more driven entrepreneurs who have the resources and motivation to test their visions, the more jobs are created, and the more the whole municipality benefits. Therefore, Arvidsjaur's citizens support local entrepreneurs who make the municipality live.

We celebrate our entrepreneurs!

We see that the opportunities in a small municipality like Arvidsjaur are many more than in larger towns. Here is the space to test, develop and innovate, the competition is less than in the cities and everyone can influence and put their unique imprint in a place that is growing. Here you do not just become one in the crowd! 

Every year, the Arvidsjaur Gala is organized, where we hand out prizes to and show appreciation for entrepreneurs who lift the municipality in some way.

Företagare i Arvidsjaur får pris på Arvidsjaurgalan
Arvidsjaurs unga företagare får pris som Årets Hantverkare 2021

Young entrepreneurs

In Arvidsjaur municipality, we encourage young people in entrepreneurship and this can be seen in our acclaimed youth companies within both UF (Young Entrepreneurship) and Ung Drive. 


Welcome to my hometown!  A great place to live and work. Great opportunities for work with all amenities within easy reach and at the same time the metropolitan pulse within a convenient distance. I have lived and worked in most places and keep Arvidsjaur at the top of the list of quality of life.

Kristoffer, Owner & Entrepreneur, Hotel Laponia

Lapptussan sitter på renskin på sin altan i Arvidsjaur

"With today's possibilities around internet shopping, I can live and run my own business in one of, in my opinion, Sweden's best municipality. Here we have the wilderness and the big city, with the airport, just around the corner. This is where I find everything that quality of life means to me and my family. "

Emma, self-employed, Lapptussan

"I appreciate the cooperation we have between us entrepreneurs and the feeling that we do this together. Instead of competing, we try to complement. I believe in Arvidsjaur!"

Janina, owner, Mimmis Boutique

Janina som driver Mimmis Boutique i Arvidsjaur

"It is a fantastic municipality with an incredible service and infrastructure even though we are only 6,143 inhabitants. If you just want to get involved, there are possibilities. I have visited so many other municipalities in the country, and they do not come close to what I've found in Arvidsjaur."

Ted, co-owner, Bo Bra Fastigheter

"I feel so privileged to live in Arvidsjaur close to our beautiful nature. it is so much fun running a business in Arvidsjaur because many people here choose to shop locally. In addition, I have received an incredible amount of support, education and good advice from Näringslivsenheten. Together we make sure that Arvidsjaur continues to live."

Sofia, owner, Designiia

Sofia som driver Designiia utanför sin butik i Arvidsjaur
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